The Executive Mentorship in Apartments Program

Most people will struggle to retire because they are following a poor map. 

We teach you a Better Road Map to Retirement by

Investing in Apartments for Passive Income and Asset Appreciation. 

Kirk Trenchfield

CEO and Lead Investor

"Let's Grow Together"

Program Features & Benefits        (with 3 Investment Options Available Below!)                 

You will get:

1. The Sophisticated Investor Course on Multifamily Apartments (online & PDF)

Specific Knowledge You Will Learn:

  • Hybrid Investment Strategy
  • Finding Deals
  • Analyzing Deals
  • Due Diligence
  • Making Offers
  • Negotiations
  • Equity Capture
  • Force Appreciation
  • Repositioning
  • Cash-Out Refinance
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • 2. Complete Business System

    • Professional Deal Analysis Spreadsheet - Easily Evaluate Apartment Deals

    • Financial Analysis Spreadsheets - To Run Your Own Real Estate Portfolio

    • Debt Management Spreadsheet Template - Used to Manage Your Business

    • Letter of Intent to Purchase Template - Make Professional Real Estate Offers that Get Accepted

    • Purchase and Sales Agreement (FL) - Used to Submit Official Offers

    • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Template - Used to Raise Capital, Written by Our Attorney ($500 value)

    3. Business Resources

    • Personal Mentor - Weekly Coaching / Consulting

    • Business Credit University - Set-up Your Business to Get Approved for Credit

    • National Lending Network - Fund All Your Deals

    • Network of Multifamily  Realtors - All Specialize in Apartments

    • Business Consulting Advisory Team - Ongoing Business Consulting

    • Exclusive Secrets - 11 Ways to Force Appreciate Apartment Assets

    • Qualified to Partner with us in our Private Placement Apartment Deals - Overcome the Experience & Capital Requirement Barriers

    4. BIG BONUS!



    “Kirk and his company Puris Financial Group has provided substantial benefit to my personal and professional goals. Kirk is knowledgeable in many areas of financial literacy and provides a realistic approach to helping his mentees. I'm honored to say that I made the right decision in joining his program! Highly recommended.”

    Sam Warrick,

    Warrick Wealth, LLC

    Philadelphia, PA


    “Awesome class. Highly informative and gives me the confidence to get started in apartments. Kirk is a great mentor who has great business insights. He always returns calls or emails promptly and takes the time to explain things well. His program has already provided me with tremendous value in my business.”


    Pembroke Pines, FL

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    Investment Options

    Choose from:

    1. One-time payment of $1097.00 (most popular, save 30%)
    2. $497 Down, and $232/mo for 4 months
    3. $297 Down, and $99/wk for 12 weeks

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