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Real Estate

The Hybrid Investment Strategy

Having a strong Business Credit Profile is an asset. This can and should be used to leverage your real estate business. Our goal is to help investor secure all the funding they need so that they can invest in more real estate.  Our proven Hybrid Investment Strategy will not only give you an A+ Business Credit rating, but also access to all the funding in one place that you’ll need to expand your real estate empire.

When you have access to all the funding you need, you can grow your real estate business much faster. Our Advisory Team will consult with you on how to employ this powerful strategy where small investments in building up your business credit behind the scenes are simultaneously fueling the growth of your real estate business.

We very much embrace this strategy. Our focus and expertise are in multifamily apartment buildings. We are long term buy and hold investors. We currently own apartments complexes in Fort Myers, FL and Lake City, FL.  Expanding the portfolio into the smaller, more profitable sub-markets of the larger cities has been our strategy from the start and has been successful.

We find great value in those apartment assets because they are driven by the same housing demand and job opportunities of the large cities, but at better prices.  This way, you can acquire more units. With the economies of scale, rates of appreciation can be significant relative to cost when you force-appreciate these assets.

Our group of real estate investors and Advisory Team are here to mentor other investors who are interested in learning more about the multifamily apartment space, our niche market strategy, or the Hybrid Investment Strategy.

  • The Hybrid Investment Strategy
  • Niche market strategies
  • Acquisitions-Finding the deal, funding, getting under contract, due diligence, negotiations, closing
  • Property Management-Finding the right Team
  • Rehab/upgrades to push up demand, rents, and value
  • Repositioning the property to attract better tenants, higher rents, greater NOI
  • How to force-appreciate the asset to build equity fast
  • Cash out refinance-How to prepare and get the maximum value
  • Disposition of the asset-Sale or 1031 Exchange

We have a specific niche and only invest in apartment buildings.  We do not wholesale or flip properties. We most certainly provide funding for all types of real estate deals, but as investors, our expertise is in the multifamily apartment space. Our group of professionals are here to mentor you to success. Contact us today for your free personal consultation.

Real Estate Financing

At Puris Financial Group, we can provide real estate investors with all the financing they need for any real estate deals. From wholesaling, fix and flips, to buy and hold. We offer a wider range of lending services to meet all your working capital and real estate financing needs. Contact us today to discuss funding your next real estate project.

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